Mike Flicker

Mike Flicker is a consummate music industry veteran, with creative, technical, and administrative expertise developed through decades of service to the music, television, and film industries.

His depth of music production & editorial, technology, and administrative experience led naturally to the formation of Mike Flicker Music Services, a full-service music company supplying Music Editorial, Music Production, and related services to the entertainment community.

Founded in 1991, Mike Flicker Music Services continues to provide a diverse range of music services to the entertainment industry. Mike enjoys the privilege of working with many outstanding composers, including George S. Clinton, Mark Mancina, Elia Cmiral, Christopher Young, Carl Davis, John Morris and Hans Zimmer. Diversity is one of Mike Flicker's unique strengths: besides an impressive list of number one box office feature credits, his experience producing and engineering numerous hit records has made Mike Flicker one of the foremost Music Editors for music intensive feature film, TV and specialty projects.

On the small screen, the company has worked on varied record setting TV and cable projects including the multiple EMMY Award winning HBO special Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee (Mike received an EMMY for his Music Editorial contribution) as well as the edgy sci-fi series The 4400, the biopic The Natalie Cole Story, the unique crime drama 44 Minutes, the classic The Great Gatsby, and MOW musicals such as ABC/Disney's Lovestruck: The Musical and Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure.

Mike Flicker's Background

Mike’s career began at age sixteen in Los Angeles, when his band The Zoo was given a contract by Bell Records (now Arista Records) and became one of the youngest groups ever signed to a major label in the early 1960’s. Over the next four years Mike transitioned into publishing, A&R, and record producer roles for companies including White Whale Records, United Artists Publishing Co. (now EMI America) and Imperial Records (a division of United Artists). After relocating to Vancouver B.C. in 1971, Mike designed and built Mushroom Studios, the premiere state-of-the-art studio in Western Canada. He also founded Mushroom Records and Publishing of Canada, the most successful independent record company in Canada during his tenure. Mike engineered and/or produced renowned Canadian artists such as Chilliwack, Tom Middleton, Songbird, Ian Matthews, Paul Horn, and Terry Jacks, including the Terry Jacks’ hit, “Seasons In The Sun,” which to this day remains one of the top international selling singles of all time.

1975 proved to be a fateful year for Mike with his discovery, signing, and production of the band, Heart. Mike received the coveted Canadian Juno Award for Producer of the Year for his production on Heart’s debut album, “Dreamboat Annie.” He relocated to the U.S. the following year, established Mushroom Records of the U.S., Inc., and became CEO of both Mushroom labels.

Mike left the Mushroom organizations in 1977 and established himself as a major independent producer with artists that included Heart, Poco, Al Stewart, Randy Meisner, Toronto, Nantucket, and Wendy Waldman. He also co-founded Canadian-based Flicker Records, and enjoyed international success with artists including their band Trooper, one of the top five selling Canadian bands of all time. Combined net sales of recordings from these acts exceeded 30 million units!

Keeping one step ahead of the consumer electronics revolution of the early 1980’s, Mike assumed the role of Managing Director of Songtech, Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of the Taiwanese-based consumer electronics firm Enterprex. His managerial responsibilities expanded to include R&D, manufacturing, production, sales, and marketing of both hardware and “software” Multimedia audio products. In 1989, after completing his contract with Songtech, Mike created his own Multimedia production/consulting company, and served as Chief Music Producer and Interactive Media Consultant for Philips Professional Publishing International. Mike’s diverse career in the music, technology, and film/television industries culminated in the 1991 formation of Mike Flicker Music Services, where he continues to contribute his leadership in successful service to the film, television, and ancillary entertainment industries.

Mike complements his active entertainment industry role by conducting music and technology workshops and seminars. He has designed an array of curriculum, from Advanced Audio Engineering and Music Production to Audio Post Production, Music Video Production, and Business Aspects of the Recording & Music Entertainment Industries, for recording arts organizations including the Institute of Audio Video Engineering, Trebas Institute, and ISOMATA. Mike also developed, along with veteran producer/engineer Roger Nichols, the R.I.T. (Recording Institute of Technology), a state-of-the-art facility located at the famed Musicians Institute.